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Bristol Plants & Seeds Heritage Tomato Seed

Mr Brown

Mahogany-coloured, large, slightly flattened, ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Mr Stripey

Rich golden yellow and is covered with reddish-pink ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Plant produces heavy yields of small tomatoes. Very ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Native Sun (Yellow)

Large, early, yellow tomatoes with excellent flavor. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Fruits go through several colours before becoming pink. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Comes from Mosul (formerly Nineveh) Iraq. Small- medium, ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Noire Charbonneuse

Translates to 'Black like coal.' A Black type with dark ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Noire Des Cosebeuf

From France. Deeply ribbed, flattened tomatoes with dark ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Noire Russe Charbonniere

A small to medium dark red tomato, from France. Very good ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Northern Lights

Large round beefsteak, yellow-orange with red blush on ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Very rare black tomato variety from Russia. Globe shaped, ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Oaxacan Pink Mexican

Medium-large, light pink, flattened fruit. Great taste, ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Old Brooks

Bright Red, round, medium?large. Heavy yield, juicy with a ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Old Ivory Egg

Fruit is the size , shape and approximate color of a ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Omar's Lebanese

Pink, large, indeterminate. Multidimensional sweet ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


A medium sized, globed shaped, orange, slicer tomato.

Sales price: $ 4.00

Orange Banana

3" paste-type tomato ripening to a bright orange yellow ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Orange Bourgoin

An orange cherry tomato. Juicy, fruity, mild sweet with ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge

Vibrant tangerine orange with purple blotches on the ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Orange King

Super sized orange beefsteaks for slicing. Good for cold ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Orange Russian

Tomatoes are large, heart shaped, with smooth golden flesh ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Oregon Spring

A tomato that combines earliness with large size and good ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Pink, heart shaped. 500grams. Meaty flesh, containing few ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Ozark Pink VF

Indeterminate. Highly-productive variety with large vines ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

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