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Bristol Plants & Seeds Heritage Tomato Seed

Primrose Gage

Foliage is an interesting grayish blue-green. Small ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Morden Yellow

Medium size yellow tomatoes that are produced in abundance. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Monarch (Buists)

The fruit is tart but not sour with subtle sweet ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Brown Flesh

Three-lobed, red/brown hollow fruit with green striping. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Smooth, red-orange, dense, meaty, medium-sized fruit. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Black Plum

Small elongated-oval fruits are deep mahogany, sweet and ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Chucks Yellow

Outstanding large yellow beefsteak. Lucious sweet tomatoey ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Believe It or Not

Very large, bright red tomatoes that can also claim ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Pink Lemon

Medium sized, lemon-shaped, yellow-orange fruit often with ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Big Zebra

Red and green-striped fruit. Green interior with some pink. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Indian Moon

Medium globes are green then yellow then bright orange. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Yellow Stone

Prolific plant yielding large, round, orange-yellow fruit ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Hazel Mae

Good yield of large, yellow with dark red, striped fruit. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Tiger Paw

Large, flattened pale yellow fruit with a pink blush. Thin ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Indische Fleisch

Medium to large fruit, slightly flattened and is dark ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Glory of Moldova

A prolific heirloom that yields medium, carrot-orange ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Black Roma

Black colored Roma-type tomato. Flavour and flesh are ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Brown's Yellow Giant

Heavy yields of large yellow-orange tomatoes with a mild, ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Purple Brandy

Purplish-pink beefsteak. The smooth, creamy flesh has a ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Russian Persimmon

A very attractive yellowish-orange tomato. Outstanding ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Yields lots of persimmon coloured fruit. One of the better ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


A variegated leaf tomato that comes true from seed. A ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Marizol Purple

Large, dark pink fruit with a purple tint. Great tasting, ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Blue Fruit

Medium sized tomato with a strange grey-red-green skin ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

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