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Bristol Plants & Seeds Heritage Tomato Seed

Russian Chocolate

Yields small-medium, dark-red tomatoes. A sweet, rich, ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Royal Red

Abundant yields of perfect red, round, cherry tomatoes. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Deep pink, cherry sized, oval tomatoes. Vigorous plants. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Pinky-red. Medium fruits. Compact, productive plants. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


A pinky-red, popular mid-sized tomato from Quebec.

Sales price: $ 4.00

Red Streak

Good yields of large, yellow fruits with red streaks. Great ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Noire Russe Charbonniere

A small to medium dark red tomato, from France. Very good ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Comes from Mosul (formerly Nineveh) Iraq. Small- medium, ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


A very early and reliable producer of small, red, round ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


A large, green coloured tomato. Indeterminate.

Sales price: $ 4.00

Izumrudnoe Yabloko

Translates from Russian as "Emerald Apple." Compact plants ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Red, round, medium, high lycopene cultivar. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Italian Sweet

A luscious red beefsteak tomato. Great flavour. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Grub's Mystery Green

A medium green tomato. Good production of tasty fruit. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Gregori's Altai

A medium-large, dark pink beefsteak that produces over a ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Green Pineapple

An olive-lime-green round, flattened beefsteak. Large fruit ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Green Bell Pepper

Ideal for stuffing as the seeds and pulp are contained in a ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Grandma Oliver's Green

A large, green tomato with a sweet tangy flavour. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Gajo De Melon

A great tasting red-yellow cherry tomato. Indeterminate.

Sales price: $ 4.00

Fruit Punch

High yields of pinkish-red cherry sized tomatoes. Awesome ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


A yellow-red, bi-colour beefsteak with good flavours and ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


A prolific plant with masses of current sized orangey-red ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Caspian Pink

Pink, oblate, medium to large fruit - 300grams. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

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