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Bristol Plants & Seeds Heritage Tomato Seed

Mirabelle Blanche

Small creamy-yellow coloured tomatoes. Unusual tangy-sweet ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Large Mennonite Pink

A large, pink beefsteak tomato. Sweet, rich, balanced ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

J Walsh Yellow

A heavy cropper, bearing large bunches of light yellow ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Hurma Ukrainian

A lovely small-medium, sweet, yellow-orange tomato. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Golden Sunrise

Indeterminate. Medium sized, smooth, well shaped, golden ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Giant Black Ukrainian

Great rich winey taste. Large fruit with no cracking.

Sales price: $ 4.00

Eva's Schoeneck Pink

Prolific medium pink fruit. Slightly squat shape. Juicy, ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Black Bear

Beefsteak shape. A smooth Purple-black fruit. Compact vine. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Eva's Amish Stripe

Good yield of large, bi-colour beefsteak fruit, very good ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Depp's Pink Firefly

Large pink fruit. Delicious meaty texture. Indeterminate.

Sales price: $ 4.00

De Barrao Black Ukranian/Russian

Small egg-shaped, browish red fruit. Sweet rich taste and ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


A yellow cherry tomato with a lovely tangy flavour. Very ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Brown Berry

Vigorous, indeterminate plants that yield large crops of ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Brandywine Pink Sudduth's Strain

Large pink delicious fruit. Indeterminate

Sales price: $ 4.00

Black Elephant

A delicious sweet and juicy tomato. Large indeterminate ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Belarus Orange

Sweet incredibly rich flavor. Firm, thick, meaty, few ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Compact plants with rich mahogany-brown medium sized fruit. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Amish Rose

Plant produces good yields of rose coloured tomatoes. Very ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Zapotec Pleated

Plant produces good yields of beautiful, sweet, large, pink ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Yellow Plum

Small, yellow, plum shaped fruits. A mild sweet flavour. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Yellow Pear

Sunny yellow colour. Pear shaped. Heavy clusters of ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Yellow Oxheart

Medium to large light yellow, heart-shaped fruit. Flavour ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Yellow Brandywine

Golden, flavourful and large fruit. Sturdy plant, good in ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

White Wonder

Excellent producer of medium, creamy white, mildly sweet ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

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