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Bristol Plants & Seeds Heritage Tomato Seed


Smooth, red-orange, dense, meaty, medium-sized fruit. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Brown Flesh

Three-lobed, red/brown hollow fruit with green striping. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Monarch (Buists)

The fruit is tart but not sour with subtle sweet ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Morden Yellow

Medium size yellow tomatoes that are produced in abundance. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Primrose Gage

Foliage is an interesting grayish blue-green. Small ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Rozovyi Gigant

A russian tomato whos name translates to 'pink giant.' ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Yellow Trifele

Bright orange-yellow tomatoes. Pear shaped, smallish fruit ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Yellow Perfection

Round, brilliant-yellow, thin-skinned and delicious ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


This is an orange tomato, quite distinctly three lobed, ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


An odd tomato, this one resembles several cherry tomatoes ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Black Pear

Dark brown tomatoes are shaped like miniature pears and ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Abraham Lincoln

High Lycopene. Faithfully produces huge crops of med - ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Vintage Wine Striped

Unusual colouration of pink with golden stripes. A deep ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Todd County Amish

Large pink, beefsteak tomatoes that are lightly fluted and ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Speckled Siberian

Short, bushy, Russian heirloom good for cooler growing ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Sakharniy Zeltiy

Medium-large orange-yellow fruits. A nice flavour with ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Purple Cherry

Dark cherry tomato with a purplish hue. Similar to the ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Pink Trifele Russian

Solid, meaty, few seeds. Pear shaped. Minimal cracking on ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Pink Grapefruit

A lovely medium-sized yellow tomato. Golden, round and a ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Pierce's Pride

Deep, black-red in colour. A copious producer of delicious, ...

Sales price: $ 4.00


Red-pink medium sized tomatoes with yellow stripes before ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Orange Bourgoin

An orange cherry tomato. Juicy, fruity, mild sweet with ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Oaxacan Pink Mexican

Medium-large, light pink, flattened fruit. Great taste, ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

Monomakh's Hat Russian

A very large heart-shaped, raspberry-coloured treasure. ...

Sales price: $ 4.00

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