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Bristol Plants & Seeds is founded on Frank & Joy Bristol's 37 years of experience in production horticulture, supported by an intimateyounger-frank- knowledge of nursery operations and seed technology.

Frank and Joy are experienced growers and successful horticulturalists. After 17 years as market gardeners and vegetable retailers Frank and Joy developed a successful nursery and seed growing business.

"Initially we became interested in seed production because of seed quality issues affecting the nursery operations. As a result we began producing seed for companies within New Zealand".

Joy's love of colour and flowers saw us branch out into the hanging basket design which has seen Bristol Plants & Seeds become synonymous with Whanganui's annual "Whanganui in Bloom" festival. We grew the hanging baskets for "Whanganui Bloom" for 26 years before deciding to give the contracts back to Mainstreet in 2017.

Currently the operation is growing and distributing heirloom tomato seed, and growing apples and producing a delicious apple juice from the heritage apple tree called "Monty's Surprise".  





Pic: A much younger Frank

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