Bristol Plants & Seeds is an independent seed production and plant breeding service provider. Bristol Plants & Seeds utilises New Zealand's particular advantages for its activities to the benefit of Overseas and New Zealand seed companies.

The following operational activity is the focus of the Vegetable Seed multiplication operation:

  • Small and medium scale vegetable seed production.

Staff at Bristol Plants & Seeds have experience with seed production for the following species:  
Cauliflower, Cabbage, Broccoli, Celery, Silverbeet, Chives, Parsnip, Squash and Pumpkin. F-1, O.P. and pure lines.  
Proposed productions include flowers.
Seed productions of 30 square metres to 2.5ha in size have been produced previously.
Advice from the client regarding ground preparation, stand establishment, crop maintenance, cutting, threshing, and seed cleaning are incorporated into procedures.

Bristol Plants & Seeds provides each client company with absolute integrity, confidentiality and professionalism.  Security is assured at all stages of the operation. Bristol Plants & Seeds seeks to become an effective, responsive, flexible Co-operator with its clients.

Bristol Plants & Seeds has put in place a quality assurance program. This enables the client to be confident that every aspect of the service, from field and greenhouse operation, to seed drying and dispatch, is carried out by thoroughly trained and experienced staff using effective and efficient systems.

The Facilities

Bristol Plants & Seeds uses an extensive range of specialist horticultural equipment to complete productions grown for clients. Independent contract growers, under the supervision of Bristol Plants & Seeds may grow productions. Independent specialised facilities are contracted/leased for seed drying and cleaning operations. All trial work is completed on Bristol Plants & Seeds own property, where an office, greenhouses and 12 hectares of land are located.

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