"Whanganui In Bloom" is literally what visitors see when they visit the city of Whanganui. Each year Whanganui's hanging baskets attract hanging_basketmore and more visitors with many waiting for the baskets to be hung in early December before planning their visit to Whanganui.


Victoria Avenue, and the adjacent streets are decorated from December right through to March with 700 beautiful coloured cascading hanging baskets.
Bristol's Plants and Seeds have been involved with "Wanganui in Bloom" since it's inception, and since then the project has grown into a major undertaking.     

Joy designs the colour aspects of this plan each year and has an exceptional creative talent for combining a variety of different plants for effective colour and form and for maximum visual effect.
The business community participates enthusiastically displaying the baskets in all the shop-front verandas (with some seeking corporate colours for their baskets.) The colourful display continues through into winter (June to September) with pansies, primulas, polyanthus and cascading violas .
Whanganui's heritage buildings including the decorative gas-light lamp posts which line the street and archways at each side of many pedestrian crossings are all decorated with breathtaking vivid colour. A sight to behold.


The daily care of the baskets includes watering, fertilising, dead-heading and plant replacement where necessary.
There are a variety of conditions to cater for as there are baskets hanging in shady areas, exposed areas and full sun, all situations which demand special care.


Where do they begin?
At Bristol's Plants and Seeds the seeds are sown into small plug trays to grow until big enough for transplanting into larger trays. Here the plants can develop into sturdy well rooted plants with minimum disturbance until planting into the baskets.

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