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Bristol Plants & Seeds is founded on Frank & Joy Bristol's 35 years of experience in production horticulture, supported by an intimateyounger-frank- knowledge of nursery operations and seed technology.

Frank and Joy are experienced growers and successful horticulturalists. After 17 years as market gardeners and vegetable retailers Frank and Joy developed a successful nursery and seed growing business.

"Initially we became interested in seed production because of seed quality issues affecting the nursery operations. As a result we began producing seed for companies within New Zealand".

Joy's love of colour and flowers saw us branch out into the hanging basket design which has seen Bristol Plants & Seeds become synonymous with Whanganui's annual "Wanganui in Bloom" festival.

Bristol Plants & Seeds is fortunate to have a small group of staff members who are skilled in most areas of horticulture. All staff members including management are regularly assessed under the quality system, so that further training and a high standard of competency is maintained.

They have a range of Greenhouses and specialist horticultural equipment which is housed on 12 hectares of land in the fertile river valley next to the Whanganui River.





Pic: A much younger Frank

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